SAE J496꞉1972 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J493꞉1961 (EN)
SAE J493꞉1961 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J492꞉1968 (EN)
SAE J492꞉1968 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J476꞉1961 (EN)
SAE J476꞉1961 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J444v005 2005-07
SAE J444-2010
SAE J444 2010-06
SAE J443 2003-01
SAE J442-1952(R2001-12)
SAE J441꞉1993 (EN)
SAE J441꞉1993 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J417꞉1983 (EN)
SAE J417꞉1983 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J412꞉1995 (EN)
SAE J412꞉1995 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J409꞉1995 (EN)
SAE J409꞉1995 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J403꞉2001 (EN)
SAE J403꞉2001 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J403꞉2001 (EN) - DUP
SAE J403꞉2001 (EN) - DUP ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J403-2009
SAE J403
SAE J386-2006
SAE J365-2004 Method of Testing Resistance to Scuffing of Trim Materials
SAE J343-2004
SAE J315꞉1985 (EN)
SAE J315꞉1985 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J313꞉1998 (EN)
SAE J313꞉1998 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J311꞉2000 (EN)
SAE J311꞉2000 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J304꞉1999 (EN)
SAE J304꞉1999 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J300-2009
SAE J300-2009 Engine Oil Viscosity Classification
SAE J287-2007
SAE J280-2006
SAE J246꞉2000 (EN)
SAE J246꞉2000 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J240 2007
SAE J222-2006
SAE J200-2008
SAE J200-2005-01
SAE J200-2003-11 Classification System for Rubber Materials
SAE J200 2008
SAE J133-2003
SAE J121M꞉1997 (EN)
SAE J121M꞉1997 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J101-2006
SAE J75-2006
SAE J51꞉1998 (EN)
SAE J51꞉1998 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J48v001
SAE J34꞉2001 (EN)
SAE J34꞉2001 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J34v002
SAE J30꞉1998 (EN)
SAE J30꞉1998 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE J20-2006
SAE J20-2004
SAE AS 85720A꞉2008 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AS 81820-4B꞉2007 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AS 81819꞉2001 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE ARP 5483-8꞉2002 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE ARP 1755B꞉2000 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE ARP 901A꞉2001 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AMS S6049꞉1999 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AMS 6322L꞉2000 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AMS 5796D꞉2000 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AMS 5662M꞉2004 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AMS 4928R꞉2007 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE AMS 2154꞉2005 (EN) ᴾᴼᴼᴮᴸᴵᶜᴽ
SAE 88-1448
etsi ts_1028220304v010201p
etsi ts_1028220304v010101p
etsi ts_1028220303v010401p
etsi ts_1028220303v010301p
etsi ts_1028220303v010201p
etsi ts_1028220303v010101p
etsi ts_1028220302v010601p
etsi ts_1028220302v010501p
etsi ts_1028220302v010401p
etsi ts_1028220302v010301p
etsi ts_1028220302v010201p
etsi ts_1028220302v010101p
etsi ts_1028220301v010601p
etsi ts_1028220301v010501p
etsi ts_1028220301v010401p
etsi ts_1028220301v010301p
etsi ts_1028220301v010201p
etsi ts_1028220301v010101p
etsi ts_1027080203v010101p
etsi ts_1027080202v010101p
etsi ts_1027080201v010101p
etsi ts_1027080103v010101p
etsi ts_1027080102v010101p
etsi ts_1027080101v010101p
etsi ts_1026360501v010101p
etsi ts_1025420303v010301p
etsi ts_1025420302v010301p
etsi ts_1025420301v010301p
etsi ts_1024860203v010201p
etsi ts_1024860203v010101p
etsi ts_1024860202v010201p
etsi ts_1024860202v010101p
etsi ts_1024860201v010201p
etsi ts_1024860201v010101p
etsi ts_1024860103v010202p
etsi ts_1024860103v010201p
etsi ts_1024860103v010101p
etsi ts_1024860102v010201p
etsi ts_1024860102v010101p
etsi ts_1024860101v010101p
etsi ts_1021480203v010201p
etsi ts_1021480203v010101p
etsi ts_1021480202v010201p
etsi ts_1021480202v010101p
etsi ts_1021480201v010201p
etsi ts_1021480201v010101p
etsi ts_1021480103v010201p
etsi ts_1021480103v010101p
etsi ts_1021480102v010201p
etsi ts_1021480102v010101p
etsi ts_1021480101v010201p
etsi ts_1021480101v010101p
etsi ts_1021470203v010201p
etsi ts_1021470203v010101p
etsi ts_1021470202v010201p
etsi ts_1021470202v010101p
etsi ts_1021470201v010201p
etsi ts_1021470201v010101p
etsi ts_1021470103v010201p
etsi ts_1021470103v010101p
etsi ts_1021470102v010201p
etsi ts_1021470102v010101p
etsi ts_1021470101v010201p
etsi ts_1021470101v010101p
etsi ts_1291980405v090000p
etsi ts_1291980405v080002p
etsi ts_1291980405v070001p
etsi ts_1291980405v070000p
etsi ts_1291980404v090000p
etsi ts_1291980404v080000p
etsi ts_1291980404v070000p
etsi ts_1291980404v060501p
etsi ts_1291980404v060401p
etsi ts_1291980404v060400p
etsi ts_1291980404v050901p
etsi ts_1291980404v050900p
etsi ts_1291980404v050800p
etsi ts_1291980404v050700p
etsi ts_1291980404v050600p
etsi ts_1291980404v050500p
etsi ts_1291980404v050400p
etsi ts_1291980404v050300p
etsi ts_1291980404v050200p
etsi ts_1291980404v050100p
etsi ts_1291980404v050000p
etsi ts_1291980403v090000p
etsi ts_1291980403v080000p
etsi ts_1291980403v060601p
etsi ts_1291980403v060501p
etsi ts_1291980403v060401p
etsi ts_1291980403v051000p
etsi ts_1291980403v050901p
etsi ts_1291980403v050900p
etsi ts_1291980403v050800p
etsi ts_1291980403v050700p
etsi ts_1291980403v050600p
etsi ts_1291980403v050500p
etsi ts_1291980403v050400p
etsi ts_1291980403v050300p
etsi ts_1291980403v050200p
etsi ts_1291980403v050100p
etsi ts_1291980403v050000p
etsi ts_1291980402v090000p
etsi ts_1291980402v080000p
etsi ts_1291980402v070000p
etsi ts_1291980402v060401p
etsi ts_1291980402v060301p
etsi ts_1291980402v050901p
etsi ts_1291980402v050900p
etsi ts_1291980402v050800p
etsi ts_1291980402v050700p
etsi ts_1291980402v050600p
etsi ts_1291980402v050500p
etsi ts_1291980402v050400p
etsi ts_1291980402v050300p
etsi ts_1291980402v050200p
etsi ts_1291980402v050100p
etsi ts_1291980402v050000p
etsi ts_1291980401v090000p
etsi ts_1291980401v080000p
etsi ts_1291980401v070000p
etsi ts_1291980401v060501p
etsi ts_1291980401v060401p
etsi ts_1291980401v060400p
etsi ts_1291980401v050801p
etsi ts_1291980401v050800p
etsi ts_1291980401v050700p
etsi ts_1291980401v050600p
etsi ts_1291980401v050500p
etsi ts_1291980401v050400p
etsi ts_1291980401v050300p
etsi ts_1291980401v050200p
etsi ts_1291980401v050100p
etsi ts_1291980401v050000p
etsi ts_13652101v090300p
etsi ts_13652303v080400p
etsi ts_13652303v080300p
etsi ts_13652303v080200p
etsi ts_13652303v080100p
etsi ts_13652303v080000p
etsi ts_13652302v090300p
etsi ts_13652302v090200p
etsi ts_13652302v090102p
etsi ts_13652302v090000p
etsi ts_13652302v080600p
etsi ts_13652302v080500p
etsi ts_13652302v080400p
etsi ts_13652302v080300p
etsi ts_13652302v080200p
etsi ts_13652302v080100p
etsi ts_13652302v080001p
etsi ts_13652301v090201p
etsi ts_13652301v090101p
etsi ts_13652301v090000p
etsi ts_13652301v080600p
etsi ts_13652301v080500p
etsi ts_13652301v080400p
etsi ts_13652301v080302p
etsi ts_13652301v080201p
etsi ts_13652301v080100p
etsi ts_13652301v080001p
etsi ts_13652103v090201p
etsi ts_13652103v090100p
etsi ts_13652103v090000p
etsi ts_13652103v080400p
etsi ts_13652103v080300p
etsi ts_13652103v080200p
etsi ts_13652103v080100p
etsi ts_13652103v080001p
etsi ts_13652102v090300p
etsi ts_13652102v090200p
etsi ts_13652102v090100p
etsi ts_13652102v090000p
etsi ts_13652102v080500p
etsi ts_13652102v080400p
etsi ts_13652102v080300p
etsi ts_13652102v080200p
etsi ts_13652102v080100p
etsi ts_13652102v080001p
etsi ts_13652101v090200p
etsi ts_13652101v090100p
etsi ts_13652101v090000p
etsi ts_13652101v080600p
etsi ts_13652101v080500p
etsi ts_13652101v080400p
etsi ts_13652101v080301p
etsi ts_13652101v080201p
etsi ts_13652101v080100p
etsi ts_13652101v080001p
etsi ts_13422903v080500p
etsi ts_13422903v080400p
etsi ts_13422903v080300p
etsi ts_13422903v080200p
etsi ts_13422903v080100p
etsi ts_13422903v080000p
etsi ts_13422903v070200p
etsi ts_13422903v070100p
etsi ts_13422903v070000p
etsi ts_13422903v060300p
etsi ts_13422903v060200p
etsi ts_13422903v060100p
etsi ts_13422903v060000p
etsi ts_13422903v050301p
etsi ts_13422903v050200p
etsi ts_13422903v050100p
etsi ts_13422903v050000p
etsi ts_13422902v090301p
etsi ts_13422902v090200p
etsi ts_13422902v090100p
etsi ts_13422902v090000p
etsi ts_13422902v080600p
etsi ts_13422902v080500p
etsi ts_13422902v080400p
etsi ts_13422902v080300p
etsi ts_13422902v080200p
etsi ts_13422902v080100p
etsi ts_13422902v080000p
etsi ts_13422902v070300p
etsi ts_13422902v070200p
etsi ts_13422902v070100p
etsi ts_13422902v070000p
etsi ts_13422902v060400p
etsi ts_13422902v060300p
etsi ts_13422902v060200p
etsi ts_13422902v060100p
etsi ts_13422902v060000p
etsi ts_13422902v050200p
etsi ts_13422902v050100p
etsi ts_13422902v050000p
etsi ts_13422901v090300p
etsi ts_13422901v090200p
etsi ts_13422901v090100p
etsi ts_13422901v090000p
etsi ts_13422901v080600p
etsi ts_13422901v080500p
etsi ts_13422901v080400p
etsi ts_13422901v080300p
etsi ts_13422901v080200p
etsi ts_13422901v080100p
etsi ts_13422901v080000p
etsi ts_13422901v070300p
etsi ts_13422901v070200p
etsi ts_13422901v070100p
etsi ts_13422901v070000p
etsi ts_13422901v060401p
etsi ts_13422901v060300p
etsi ts_13422901v060200p
etsi ts_13422901v060100p
etsi ts_13422901v050200p
etsi ts_13422901v050100p
etsi ts_13422901v050000p
etsi ts_13412303v080700p
etsi ts_13412303v080600p
etsi ts_13412303v080500p
etsi ts_13412303v080400p
etsi ts_13412303v080300p
etsi ts_13412303v080200p
etsi ts_13412303v080100p
etsi ts_13412303v080000p
etsi ts_13412303v070300p
etsi ts_13412303v070200p
etsi ts_13412303v070100p
etsi ts_13412303v070000p
etsi ts_13412303v060600p
etsi ts_13412303v060500p
etsi ts_13412303v060400p
etsi ts_13412303v060300p
etsi ts_13412303v060200p
etsi ts_13412303v060100p
etsi ts_13412303v060000p
etsi ts_13412303v050600p
etsi ts_13412303v050500p
etsi ts_13412303v050400p
etsi ts_13412303v050300p
etsi ts_13412303v050200p
etsi ts_13412303v050100p
etsi ts_13412303v050000p
etsi ts_13412303v040000p
etsi ts_13412303v030900p
etsi ts_13412303v030800p
etsi ts_13412303v030700p
etsi ts_13412303v030601p
etsi ts_13412303v030502p
etsi ts_13412303v030400p
etsi ts_13412303v030300p
etsi ts_13412303v030201p
etsi ts_13412303v030200p
etsi ts_13412303v030100p
etsi ts_13412303v030000p
etsi ts_13412302v030100p
etsi ts_13412301v080100p
ASTM C12-17 4.05
ASTM C32-13(2017) 4.05 AASHTO M91-78
ASTM C25-17 4.01
ASTM C126-17 4.05
ASTM C56-13(2017) 4.05
ASTM C896-17a 4.05
ASTM C920-18 4.07
ASTM C1368-18 15.01
ASTM D737-18 7.01
ASTM D613-17ce1 5.05 IP 41_2000
ASTM C1859-17a 4.06
ASTM D2414-17 9.01
ASTM D1494-17 8.03
ASTM D2712-17e1 5.01
ASTM D3053-17a 9.01
ASTM D3030-17 8.02
ASTM D3786D3786M-18 7.01
ASTM D3142D3142M-17 4.03
ASTM D4216-17 8.02
ASTM D5991-17 8.03
ASTM D4551-17 8.03
ASTM D6110-17 8.03
ASTM D6288-17 8.03