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etsi ts_1003960802v010101p
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etsi ts_1003940413v010101p
etsi ts_1003940412v010101p
etsi ts_1003940411v010101p
etsi ts_1003940406v010101p
etsi ts_1003940405v010101p
etsi ts_1003940404v010101p
etsi ts_1003940403v010101p
etsi ts_1003921803v010201p
etsi ts_1003921803v010101p
etsi ts_1003921802v010101p
etsi ts_1003921801v010501p
etsi ts_1003921801v010401p
etsi ts_1003921801v010301p
etsi ts_1003921801v010201p
etsi ts_1003921801v010101p
etsi ts_1003921208v010101p
etsi ts_1003921108v010101p
etsi ts_1003920308v010201p
etsi ts_1003920308v010101p
etsi ts_1003920307v010101p
etsi ts_1003920306v010101p
etsi ts_1003920302v010101p
etsi ts_1051740202v010101p
etsi ts_1051740504v010101p
etsi ts_1028220603v010401p
etsi ts_1028220603v010301p
etsi ts_1028220603v010201p
etsi ts_1028220603v010101p
etsi ts_1028220602v010301p
etsi ts_1028220602v010201p
etsi ts_1028220602v010101p
etsi ts_1028220601v010601p
etsi ts_1028220601v010501p
etsi ts_1028220601v010401p
etsi ts_1028220601v010301p
etsi ts_1028220601v010201p
etsi ts_1028220601v010101p
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etsi ts_1028220501v010501p
etsi ts_1028220501v010401p
etsi ts_1028220501v010301p
etsi ts_1028220501v010201p
etsi ts_1028220304v010401p
etsi ts_1028220304v010301p
etsi ts_1019520203v010101p
etsi ts_1019520202v010101p
etsi ts_1019520201v010101p
etsi ts_1019520105v010201p
etsi ts_1019520105v010101p
etsi ts_1019520104v010101p
etsi ts_1019520103v010101p
etsi ts_1019520102v010101p
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etsi ts_1019520101v010101p
etsi ts_1019092601v010101p
etsi ts_1019092002v010201p
etsi ts_1019092002v010102p
etsi ts_1019092001v010102p
etsi ts_1019091902v010101p
etsi ts_1019091901v010101p
etsi ts_1019091302v010102p
etsi ts_1019091301v010201p
etsi ts_1019091301v010101p
etsi ts_1018520203v010201p
etsi ts_1018520203v010101p
etsi ts_1018520202v010201p
etsi ts_1018520202v010101p
etsi ts_1018520201v010201p
etsi ts_1018520201v010101p
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etsi ts_1018230401v010201p
etsi ts_1018230401v010101p
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etsi ts_1018230301v010101p
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etsi ts_1018230203v010401p
etsi ts_1018230203v010301p
etsi ts_1018230203v010201p
etsi ts_1018230203v010101p
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etsi ts_1018230202v010401p
etsi ts_1018230202v010301p
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etsi ts_1018230201v010401p
etsi ts_1018230201v010301p
etsi ts_1018230201v010201p
etsi ts_1018230201v010101p
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etsi ts_1018230103v010301p
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etsi ts_1018230102v010401p
etsi ts_1018230102v010301p
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etsi ts_1018230101v010301p
etsi ts_1018230101v010201p
etsi ts_1018230101v010101p
etsi ts_1018110403v010201p
etsi ts_1018110402v010201p
etsi ts_1018110401v010201p
etsi ts_1018110303v010301p
etsi ts_1018110303v010201p
etsi ts_1018110302v010301p
etsi ts_1018110302v010201p
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etsi ts_1018110301v010201p
etsi ts_1018110203v010201p
etsi ts_1018110203v010101p
etsi ts_1018110202v010201p
etsi ts_1018110202v010101p
etsi ts_1018110201v010201p
etsi ts_1018110201v010101p
etsi ts_1018110103v010301p
etsi ts_1018110103v010201p
etsi ts_1018110103v010101p
etsi ts_1018110102v010301p
etsi ts_1018110102v010201p
etsi ts_1018110102v010101p
etsi ts_1018110101v010301p
etsi ts_1018110101v010201p
etsi ts_1018110101v010101p
ASTM A781A781M-18 1.02
ASTM C31C31M-18 4.02
ASTM C39C39M-18 4.02
ASTM C618-17a 4.02
ASTM C674-13(2018) 15.02
ASTM C761-18 12.01
ASTM C1026-13(2018) 15.02
ASTM C1161-18 15.01
ASTM C1173-18 1.02
ASTM C1540-18 1.02
ASTM C1277-18 1.02
ASTM D8-18 4.03
ASTM C1703-18 12.01
ASTM D1987-18 4.13
ASTM D3043-17 4.10
ASTM D4188-17 11.01
ASTM D4175-17b 5.02
ASTM D4629-17 5.02 IP 379_88
ASTM D4429-09a WITHDRAWN 2018
ASTM D4886-18 4.13
ASTM D4814-18 5.02
ASTM D5447-17 4.08
ASTM D5819-18 4.13
ASTM D5514D5514M-18 4.13
ASTM D5853-17a 5.02 IP 441_99 (2004)
ASTM D6262-17 8.03
ASTM D5929-18 11.04
ASTM D6272-17 8.03
ASTM D7065-17 11.02
ASTM D7240-18 4.13
ASTM D7731-17 11.02
ASTM D7730-17 11.02
ASTM D8069-17a 8.03
ASTM D7742-17 11.02pdf
ASTM E292-09e1 WITHDRAWN 2018
ASTM E399-17 3.01
ASTM E749E749M-17 3.03
ASTM E2229-09(2018) 14.02
ASTM E2027-17e1 3.05
ASTM E2659-18 14.02
ASTM F109-12(2018) 15.02
ASTM E2744-16e1 14.05
ASTM F1890-17e1 15.07
ASTM F2382-17e1 13.01
ASTM F2648F2648M-17 8.04
ASTM F2788F2788M-17 8.04
ASTM F2929-17 8.04
ASTM F3064F3064M-18 15.11
ASTM A955A955M-18 1.04
ASTM C24-09(2018) 15.01
ASTM C16-03(2018) 15.01
ASTM C242-18 15.02
ASTM C108-46(2018) 15.01
ASTM C889-18 12.01
ASTM C1457-18 12.01
ASTM C1430-18 12.01
ASTM C1871-18 12.01
ASTM D2700-17a 5.05 IP 236_87
ASTM D4437D4437M-16(2018) 4.13
ASTM D4739-17 5.02
ASTM D4759-11(2018) 4.13
ASTM D5141-11(2018) 4.13
ASTM D6564D6564M-17 4.09
ASTM D6766-18 4.13
ASTM D6807-17 11.02
ASTM D8173-18 4.13
ASTM D8149-17 5.05
ASTM D7725-17 11.01
ASTM E1374-18 4.06
ASTM E1573-18 4.06
ASTM F948-93(2011) WITHDRAWN 2018
ASTM F1346-91(2018) 15.11
ASTM E1820-17a 3.01
ASTM F1928-98(2018) 15.11
ASTM F2510F2510M-17 8.04
ASTM F3219-17 8.04
ASTM F3064F3064M-18a 15.11
ASTM F2374-17 15.07
ASTM C125-18 4.02
ASTM C373-18 15.02
ASTM C140C140M-17b 4.05
ASTM C478-18 4.05
ASTM C507-18 4.05
ASTM C858-18 4.05
ASTM C1660-10(2018) 4.05
ASTM C1451-18 4.02
ASTM D2226-93(2018) 9.01
ASTM C1870-18 15.02
ASTM D2248-01a(2018) 6.01
ASTM D2444-17 8.04
ASTM D2517-18 8.03
ASTM D2487-17 4.08
ASTM D2805-11(2018) 6.01
ASTM D2946-01(2018) 4.05
ASTM D4797-17 6.02
ASTM D4776D4776M-18 7.02
ASTM D5494-93(2018) 4.13
ASTM D5299D5299M-17 4.08
ASTM D5818-11(2018) 4.13
ASTM D5793-18 7.02
ASTM D5820-95(2018) 4.13
ASTM D5886-95(2018) 4.13
ASTM D5981D5981M-18 4.09
ASTM D6244-06(2018) 4.13
ASTM D6185-11(2017) 5.03
ASTM D6287-17 8.03
ASTM D6566-18 4.13
ASTM D6525D6525M-18 4.13
ASTM D6818-18 4.13
ASTM D7094-17a 5.04
ASTM D8107-18 4.09
ASTM D8140-18 4.03
ASTM E329-18 4.02
ASTM D8169D8169M-18 4.09
ASTM E396-17 3.05
ASTM E746-18 3.03
ASTM E1316-18a 3.03
ASTM E1643-18 4.11
ASTM E1710-18 6.01
ASTM F1700-18 15.04
ASTM E2091-17 11.05
ASTM F2011-02(2018) 15.11
ASTM F1925-17 13.01
ASTM F2170-18 15.04
ASTM F2493-18 9.02
ASTM F3301-18 10.04
ASTM C78C78M-18 4.02
ASTM C1534-18 4.06
ASTM C497-18 4.05
ASTM C1675-18 4.05
ASTM D1600-18 8.01
ASTM C1786-18 4.05
ASTM D2265-15e1 5.01
ASTM D4221-18 4.08
ASTM D6364-06(2018) 4.13
ASTM D4427-18 4.08
ASTM D6365-99(2018) 4.13
ASTM D6392-12(2018) 4.13
ASTM D6636-01(2018) 4.13
ASTM D6455-11(2018) 4.13
ASTM D7931-18 4.13
ASTM E667-98(2017) 13.01
ASTM F1554-17 1.09
ASTM E2937-18 14.02
ASTM F2339-17 15.11
ASTM F2537-06(2017) 13.02
ASTM F2367-04a(2018) 15.11
ASTM G86-17 14.04
ASTM B294-17 2.05
ASTM C794-18 4.07
ASTM D388-18 5.06
ASTM D5900-17e1 9.01
ASTM D5876D5876M-17 4.08
ASTM D6067D6067M-17 4.09
ASTM D7056-07(2018) 4.13
ASTM D7274-06a(2018)e1 4.13
ASTM D7272-06(2018) 4.13
ASTM D7275-07(2018) 4.13
ASTM D7361-07(2018) 4.13
ASTM D8165-17 5.05
ASTM E1374-18e1 4.06
ASTM E2736-17 3.04
ASTM E2903-18 3.04
ASTM F770-17e1 15.07
ASTM F959F959M-17a 1.09
ASTM F2136-18 8.04
ASTM F1037-18 15.04
ASTM E2737-10(2018) 3.04
ASTM F3062F3062M-18 15.11
ASTM F2368-04(2018) 15.11
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Tupolev, the Man and His Aircraft-Duffy & Kandalov
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SAE Technical papers-2001-01-0479
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SAE Technical Paper Style Guide
SAE Suspension Partial
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